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We aim to expose cover-ups, suppressed documents and data on a broad range of topics including, but not confined to, politics, finance, science, health, secrecy, privacy, espionage, world events, news, history, faith, technology, tax, social conditioning, philosophy and future trends.

Championing democracy

We offer information to aid researchers and broad-minded people around the world, in understanding events and incidents which aim to shape the world around us. By growing more aware of manipulations, media disinformation and social engineering we can aim to champion a democratic society in which secret societies, manipulative governments and human rights abusers are revealed and defeated.

To this goal we will continue to fight for freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom from manipulation.

We champion freedom fighters everywhere and urge others to join the campaign for democracy, philosophical freedom, truth and solidarity.

Some of the questions we tackle include:

  • Are you open-minded?
  • Do you believe what you read in the newspaper?
  • Do you believe what they teach at school?
  • Are you being manipulated?
  • Are you free?
  • Do you really know what's going on in the world?
  • Do you value your freedom?
  • Do you support democracy?
Among our group members are many people of all careers, including domestic cleaners, doctors, social workers, teachers, nurses and plenty more.

Please Note

The Engaging in Politics Online website is not connected to the old Activist Network website.

If you wish to know more about the Activist Network website please contact them directly.